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In the last two hundred and fifty years humans have made remarkable progress in many areas. Average life expectancy has more than doubled. The variety of consumer goods available to people in the developed world would astonish Louis XIV. Liberty and free speech are on the rise. Slavery has almost been ended. Women have started to be given equal treatment. In many parts of the world women are gaining reproductive rights and homosexuality is becoming less of a stigma. But all of these gains have exposed a great injustice that befalls most of the world’s peoples. This injustice is the accident of birth.

Because of barriers to migration, erected by sovereign states, most people are fated to live the lives they were born into. There is nothing they can do about it. It is the position of Rational Immigration that this is wrong and that the time has come to do something about it. People should have the Right to Migrate. Sovereign states should not be allowed to stop this migration.

We believe that the Right to Migrate will become the next great human rights struggle.

When people have the Right to Migrate the ability of governments to oppress people will decrease and the ability of people to take action to improve their lives will increase. This is a great good.

Migrant’s rights will never be secure until everybody has the Right to Migrate.

Working on the problem of rights for migrants is important but it is like working on curing the symptoms rather than the disease.

The underlying problem, the disease, is that nations have not yet recognized that there is a basic human Right to Migrate.
At Rational Immigration we are making the case for more migration.

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