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19 Feb

Border Maps

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The story of the relationship between Mexico and the U.S. in antique maps - 

07 Feb

"FRESH OFF THE BOAT" America seems ready for more DIVERSITY in television programming.

07 Feb


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DREAMers Special Scholarship Round Deadline is 3/17 | EQUAL VOICE NEWS

THREE ADS YOU NEED TO SEE (But they won't be played during the Superbowl!)

Three Ads You Won't See During the Super Bowl

Top Five Immigration Stories of 2014
"For before there were nations, people of all colors walked freely."
Photos of Kids Playfully Crossing the US-Mexico Border | VICE | United States
Recently a storm took out a chain link fence separating the two countries at a park bisecting Tijuana and San Diego, letting people jump back and forth between nations.
19 Jan
Ana Zamora is an honored guest, and has a front row seat tonight!
She represents the human face of the immigration debate at the President's State of the Union address.
Meet the DREAMer who's an honored guest at the State of the Union
17 Jan
Orson Scott Card is a bestselling author and columnist. His novel “Ender’s Game” has recently been adapted into a movie. He occasionally writes columns on political matters, including immigration. He has had some very cogent things to say about the topic - especially about crossing the "arbitrary line".
16 Jan

I hope that the diversity on television is already shaping people’s minds to become more tolerant of that which they do not know about."
Gina Rodriquez delivered a passionate speech about cultural identity at last night's GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS.

10 Jan
Some states are already taking the matter into their own hands -
California, Connecticut, Illinois!

04 Jan
What are some of the next steps in 2015?
How New Guidance Improves a Waiver Program to Limit Family Separations | Immigration Impact
Top Five Immigration Stories of 2014
A New Year - Relief for 5 Million - Renewed Hope for Continued Progress!

By Steve Benson - Arizona Republic
Photo: A New Year - Relief for 5 Million - Renewed Hope for Continued Progress!
By Steve Benson - Arizona Republic
28 Dec

This has been an amazing year
in immigration reform --

27 Dec

Arizona started processing driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants on Monday, December 22. CALIFORNIA will start on January 2nd!

22 Dec


MIGRATION ISSUES AROUND THE WORLD. Here are 5 of the Top 10 for 2014. 5 more to come later this week, so stay tuned .......
Top 10 Migration Issues of 2014
In this edition of the Migration Information Source’s annual Top 10 migration issues of the year, Migration Policy Institute experts analyze key immigration developments and trends that occurred around the globe during 2014. The countdown to No. 1 more at

The 10 Most Inspiring Latina Activists
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