Retorts ... that work

If they say to you: “Which part of illegal don't you understand?”
Answer: “Which part of freedom don't you understand?”

If they say to you:  “Today's immigrant aren't assimilating.”
Answer:  “That is exactly what Benjamin Franklin said about the German immigrants in 1777.”

If they say to you:  “They steal our jobs.”
Answer:  “The free market says that since you want low prices and immigrants can't come here the jobs will go to them.
Is that what you want?”

If they say to you: “I'm not opposed to immigration.  I'm opposed to illegal immigration.”
Answer:  “That is like saying “I'm not opposed to desegregation. 
I'm opposed to breaking the law by sitting at the 'whites only' lunch counter. 
There is bad law involved here.

If they say to you:  “We are being overrun.”
Answer:  “Every year six million American move from one state to another and
less than a million people move here from other countries. 
Who are we being overrun by? New Yorkers”

If they say to you: “Why don't they get in line like everybody else?”
Answer:  “For most people, particularly Mexican, there isn't a line to get into.”

If they say to you:  “Why do we need more immigrants anyway?”
Answer: “To stay one of the world's leading nations we need more people.
China and India have more than a billion people each. 
We only have three hundred million right now.”

If they say to you:  “Illegal aliens are a huge cost to our society.”
Answer:  “So are our children. 
Lets think about both groups as an investment in the future not a sunk cost.”

If they say to you:  “Illegal aliens don't pay any taxes.”
Answer:  “They would be delighted to pay more if we would give them Social Security cards. 
As it is they pay sales tax, rent (which includes property tax) and all kinds of fees and excise taxes.  Just like you.”

If they say to you:  “It's too crowded.”
Answer:  Have you flown across the USA?  It's mostly empty. 
Our population density per square mile is among the the lowest in the world.”